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Oculus Quest 2 takes on Magic Leap with augmented reality tech

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Technology is really a boon, and it really transforms the way we used to live our lives. Recently, Oculus VR has unveiled new ‘Passthrough API technology’ that enables Oculus Quest 2 headsets to display an AR image over a VR space.

It is accessible just for developers to test in the latest SDK build. But Oculus VR states in a blog post that it wants to have the technology all set for developers. It is to patch into their software made for Quest 2 devices later in 2021. 

What’s the Oculus Highlighted?

It highlighted 3 areas where it requires passthrough API technology in order to apply those being gaming, productivity, and social. Some examples include interacting with colleagues via virtual monitors, engaging in gaming activities such as zombies hiding in your living room.” Besides that, displaying virtual content for social gatherings. 

Other aspects are:

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Apple VR, Oculus Quest 3, and PSVR 2 headsets predicted to launch in 2022.

Other ambitious activities require making accessible with passthrough tech. It includes applying tints and styles to change color schemes and lighting of your actual surroundings. And rendering passthrough images into the environment. Also, drawing 3D images with your fingers. 

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