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T-Mobile launching Apple AR Innovation program with Hubraum

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While the Augmented Reality glasses of Apple are one year away from being launched, the company is seeking other AR apps. Cupertino company collaborating up with T-Mobile for an AR Innovation program with a Deutsch tech incubator Hubraum. This global program is looking for iOS developers who make AR apps with the help of programs boosted by Deutsche Telekom’s technologies. These include low Latency Edge computing, 5G, and early access to customers. 

In which categories are the New Program with Hubraum Seeking apps?

Although this could be a program, it tweeted by Oscar Falmer, the former Apple ER Evangelist. He wanted to assure developers that this program is in partnership with Apple. This new program with hubraum is seeking applications in the following categories. 

  • Contextual and Privacy
  • Communication
  • Retail
  • Sustainability and Education
  • Music, sport, and gaming
  • Enabling technologies: Machine learning and AR

This program is basically seeking potential iOS apps relevant for mass-market customers. Moreover, it will receive development support from Apple directly. While this app goes until 4th of August, the program will continue until November. 

Apple has the world’s largest Augmented Reality platform, with hundreds of millions of AR-enabled devices, as well as thousands of Augmented Reality apps on the App Store. Apple hardware and software designed from the ground up for AR; there is no better way to experience the tangible tomorrow.

In case you are an iOS AR developer, you can learn more about this program by clicking here

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