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Snap Buys Another Company to Make AR Shopping a Reality

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Snap has recently bought Vertebrae, a company that enables brands to manage and create 3D versions of their goods. The 50 person team of Vertebrae will develop the platform for prevailing and new clients. The main idea is that a company can upload visual and other info about an item into Vertebrae. Also, have a 3D version made for shoppers to access and purchase directly within Snapchat. 

While Snap uses its Augmented Reality tech for effects like dancing hotdogs, puking rainbows, it sees AR as a way of the shop. Previous tests to AR shopping experiences like the recent collaboration with Gucci enable people to virtually try on sneakers. It shows that people are more likely to buy something after interacting with Snap’s 3D. 

Snap Vertebrae CEO statement

According to Vertebrae CEO Vince Cacace, “We’re thrilled to join Snap, where we will strengthen and scale our world-class 3D asset platform for retailers and brands. The future of AR commerce is bright, and we’ll continue to make it easy for our partners to create, manage, and deploy AR experiences across all customer touchpoints.”

However, the company refused to say how much it paid for Vertebrae. The deal was small relative to its $500 million acquisition of WaveOptics. It makes the AR display in its Spectacles smart glasses. Vertebrae raised around $10 million in venture funding, and it lists Adidas, CB2, Toyota, etc. Moreover, it also worked with Facebook on AR shopping tech in 2019.

You can sense its ambition to be a shopping destination when you put Vertebrae with other shopping-related features and acquisitions of Snap like Screeshop and Fit Analytics. Snap is setting up a self-service system to upload and manage AR versions of goods that people easily discover for brands. Snapchat users can scan anything in the real world and transform it into a virtual object. You can resize, manipulate and purchase without leaving the app. 

Looking beyond smartphones, Augmented Reality shopping is the most amazing thing in the future world. It enables people to wear smart glasses with displays in them, such as Snap’s latest Spectacles

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