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Google brings Meet Video Calls to its Augmented Reality Glasses

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The search engine giant Google has recently unveiled the opening of its new video conference service Meet. The users can use this service for its Augmented Reality Glasses. Meet video calls glass enable technicians and other frontline workers live stream their first-person perspective on a video call. Also, the headset users can see and converse with other co-workers as well on the call. Google, in a blog post, explained that all users of Glass Enterprise Edition 2 would be able to access the beta version of Meet on Glass. This will be launched for a few chosen testers on October 20.

Meet Video Calls on Google Glass

As per Google, this step to bring video conferencing to Glass is an essential part of a commitment. It enables employees to collaborate. Meet on Glass is a way Google is coming up with new video conferencing experiences to customers globally.  

Regardless of the devices, customers are using to collaborate and connect with their teams. This statement has been stated by the Director of Google Workspace, Dave Citron. He further added, “When combined with our Meet video calls hardware and peripherals, the possibilities for real-time connection and problem-solving are even greater.”

For now, Glass pitched at enterprises for front-line workers operating in data centers, operating factories, etc. For example, any technician performing maintenance work could dial into a session of Google Meet. That is to discuss the best course of action with a colleague with whom both parties can examine the equipment in real-time. Citron further said, “Seeing is believing. For many service technicians, trainers, and other frontline workers, the ability to share a real-time view of what they can see with their virtual clients or teams can make all the difference.”

Although it doesn’t need a big leap to imagine video conferencing on AR glass in the future. Right now, the major hurdle to entry is price. Google Glass headsets current generation cost $999 per unit. Whereas the HoloLens 2 of Microsoft costs $3,500 that comes with several features. However, with the enhancement of technology, manufacturers look for ways to cut costs. So, it won’t be long before we are using Augmented Reality glasses to video call your loved ones. 

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