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Apple Launches MagSafe Battery Pack 

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Recently, Apple launched the MagSafe Battery pack for iPhone 12 series. This new battery pack offers on-the-go wireless charging on the latest iPhone 12 models. After the debut of the iPhone 12, this new battery pack has been introduced. As the name suggests, the MagSafe Battery pack attaches magnetically to the back of the iPhone 12 to provide extra battery life. You can use it with the entire 12 series, including iPhone 12 mini. Currently, the first deliveries are starting in the US from July 19. 

MagSafe Battery Pack Features and Specifications

For some time, Apple has been working on its new MagSafe Battery pack. It carries a magnet aligned to fit the iPhone 12 series. You need to attach it to the back of the device, and it starts charging. You can also plug a lightning cable into the battery to charge it while the battery pack is attached to your iPhone. The new battery pack provides up to 5W of power to your iPhone 12 model. However, the brand suggests using a power adapter of more than 20W to get faster charging up to 15W. 

When charging, the MagSafe Battery pack shows an amber status light. However, once it is charged, it will show green status light. When you attach it to your iPhone, it will show charging status and battery level from the Lock screen. Also, you can see the charging status on the Home screen or Today View by adding the batteries widgets. Make sure your iPhone runs on at least iOS 14.7 for showing the status of charging virtually on the screen. 

The MagSafe Battery Pack can also charge accessories such as AirPods. But only if it falls under the technology the brand has offered on its MagSafe wireless charger. 

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