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Virgin Galactic App Uses Augmented Reality to Let You Sample Space Tourism with Richard Branson

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The race of traveling into space is not new. Recently, billionaire Richard Branson did something like that. He did his part to advance tourism by beating Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) and Elon Musk (SpaceX) to become the first among them to travel into space. The expensive trips to copy the space flight of Branson through Virgin Galactic won’t open to the public until 2022. However, you can experience the journey now in Augmented Reality. When the global pandemic hit in 20020, Virgin Galactic released the Augmented Reality app. This app promotes the space tourism venture, but most people were more turned towards Earthly concerns. As things normalized, you can take a closer look at Virgin Galactic’s and its features that tease the experience of space tourism. 

Five Sections With AR Component

Branson and his team develop an app available for Android and iOS devices along with video content featuring and voice-overs. It has five diverse sections, and each one of them has an AR component. These five sections are- The Space Dreamer, The Technologist, Over in the Thrill Seeker, Reflector area, and Total Astronaut section.

AR Feature of Virgin Galactic App

Every AR feature present in the app captured using an in-app feature. In fact, this feature enables you to share images with your friends. Besides that, you can also zoom, rotate, and increase the size of virtual constructs. It gives users the ability to explore different details of Virgin Galactic’s space product.

This is undoubtedly the ideal initial look for those who have heard about the upcoming practice of space tourism. However, it needed a visual aid to nail down what Branson and his team were offering compared to the offering of the Mars-bound SpaceX team and the Blue origin. You can check out the video below and see how Sunday’s space flight looked like. 

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