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Joel’s Laser AR Glasses Show You The Way

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The world giants like Microsoft and Google have been working on AR wearables that can superimpose images over blurring the line between virtual and real and over your field of view. Unluckily, if you seek to experiment with these technologies, the devices are quite expensive. While they cannot compete with the latest HoloLens of Microsoft, these laser AR glasses ensure to be more approachable for hackers and are inexpensive. The low-power laser of a piezo-actuated mirror will project simple vector graphics onto a reflective film piece. This reflective film piece is used for aftermarket automotive heads-up displays (HUDs).

What is Put Together in Joel’s Laser AR Glasses?

The creator Joel has actually put together a prototype of what the mirror system may look like. However, it says that there are some challenges in driving the high-voltage piezo actuators. The plan is to generate the vector data with a phone app, send it N ESP32 microcontroller in the glasses. Moreover, it then pushes the resulting analog signals via a 100V DC-DC boost converter to move mirrors.

The ESP32 drives a laser galvanometer in order to play a game of Asteroid. But it recreates a set up in a small package to fit into the pair of glasses. This feature is undoubtedly quite impressive. Although initial tests seem promising, Joel has quite a bit of work ahead of him. The finalist of the Rethink Display challenge of the 2021 Hackaday Prize, it would be interesting to see the project develop over the coming months. 

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