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Home Tech Microsoft Microsoft Promises to Release a New Version of Windows 11 Every Year.

Microsoft Promises to Release a New Version of Windows 11 Every Year.

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Microsoft has recently unveiled some information on the update cycle of its Windows 11. According to the company, its new operating system, i.e., Windows 11, will get one new version released every year. This is in contrast to Windows 10 that would get two major software releases two times each year. This news update schedule can mean less frequent updates but can also result in fewer bugs. Moreover, the latest Windows updates could come with new Windows 10 updates during the fall each year.

Windows 11 Security Patches: What about them?

According to the latest reports, Microsoft will support different versions of Windows 10 and 11. It includes Windows 11 Pro for Workstations, Windows 11 Pro, Pro Education, and Windows 10 Home for 2 years after their release. In fact, it translates to a couple of years of updates before users will need to upgrade to continue getting more security patches. Meanwhile, Windows 11 IoT Enterprise, Enterprise, and Education will be supported for three years or 36 months after the release. These include a Start Button and a new center-aligned Taskbar. The Live Tiles have been available since Windows 8 is not gone. Rather than that, we have a grid of icons pinned and rearranged to the new Start Menu. 

There are some rounded corners with widgets that include weather, sports leaderboards, and calendars. There is also an enhanced System Tray with a new Quick Action UI and split Notification. Moreover, Windows Update will be more efficient and faster with updates that are 40% smaller and installed in the background. 

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