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AirNav RadarBox Announces Augmented Reality Flight Tracking

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Augmented Reality has touched the different aspects of our lives, and flight tracking is no exception. Recently, AirNav RadarBox has unveiled that AR has been added to its flight tracking system. In fact, it is a part of the next step in its development. Depending on where you point it, AR uses the camera of your phone. Moreover, it displays aircraft in your area’s vicinity. 

AR Flight Tracking Feature

Arify.news (C.)simpleflying

You can see flight SG493 in the above image, which is flying between two states of India. These are Bangalore and Darbhanga. The flight has an altitude of 22,000 feet at 420kts ground speed. The AR feature also represents the flight’s information, including registration, the airline operating the flight, and the aircraft.

Besides that, another interesting feature of this system is letting you change the visibility of the aircraft. This is indeed a useful addition because weather can be clear enough to see aircraft in the air from a distance, offering flexibility to the users. In fact, it also tells you the number of visible aircraft range set by the user. 

How to use this AR Feature

You can use this feature by using RadarBox App on iOS and Android. It has been updated to use Augmented Reality can be used, highlighting notable, cross-platform efficiency. You can download the RadarBox app to experience the AR tracking feature. 

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