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Motor Valley Fest: Sim Racing and Augmented Reality are Part of Motorsport

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Last year, the world of Esports and sim racing was in the headlines. That was due to proliferation on social networks, media, and the global pandemic. This explosion discovered fertile ground for motorsport projects that hold more and more. On the flip side, the actual thing is that last year Esports was a billion-dollar business. Due to media exposure, categories like GT World Championship have been able to bring the two worlds together. This was due to specific software development for the general public. Moreover, at the same time, platforms, development, and rigs create new performances and realities for amateur and professional drivers. 

The picture of sim racing- a deep-rooted phenomenon is the iceberg tip of a universe with apps and developments. These things addressed at the Motor Valley Fest talk to AR, VR, sim racing, and its area of apps.

Alessio Cicolari, CEO of AK Informatica said, “Due to the lockdown period, we had the opportunity to be able to run real drivers in a virtual way, as well as VIPs. Such as Valentino Rossi, Tony Parker, or Charles Leclerc himself, in organized and increasingly develop races. It was a phenomenon that expanded immediately, virtually recreating real events, with a large following from the drivers themselves.” “Behind the world of sim racing, there are new jobs, such as an Esports director for example.”

Convergence Between Real and Virtual Sim Racing

There has been a union between real and virtual racing in terms of championships. The GT World challenge with a traditional race weekend features a virtual race in the middle of Hub in the paddock with 24 simulators. The Motor Valley talk also provided a chance to speak with the talent of Ferrari DFA Giovanni De Salvo. 

 Pierre Gasly trained on the starting grid at the Styrian GP when he trained with his coach on his reactions to tennis balls. 

The entire limits of sim racing and Esports still remain to be explored. Moreover with an absolute and vital impact in terms of immersion through what AR recalled by George Efstratoudakis of Behavior Business Solutions. From sim racing to prototype racing to systems capable of improving the healthcare system. It is a world connected between reality and virtual reality. 

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