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Snapchat Dives Into E-Commerce With Augmented Reality

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According to Wrap, Snap, one of the leading social network apps, has recently dived into e-commerce with AR. Augmented Reality here can be taking “try before you buy” to a completely new level. This enables companies and apps to bring virtual versions of Reality onto consumers’ devices. Moreover, there is rising interest within the social media world to start selling products in the new Reality. In fact, social media companies found their user base and turned to e-commerce to grow revenues.

Snap Partnership with Universal Music Group

Last week, Universal Music Group and Snap partnered to expand the music catalog on the video platform in a multi-year global deal. The users of Snapchat can use the entire catalog of UMG of recorded music in its AR lens and Sound tools. In fact, that is one of the ways Snapchat has been integrating AR slowly on its camera app. The company said that Snapchat lenses AR experiences have been an essential part of its repertoire since 2015. Moreover, it unveils features where people can try on different products—everything from makeup to shoes. 

Around 200 million users often engage with their Augmented Reality daily, and therefore, AR activity is growing rapidly. Popular brands such as Sally Hansen and Gucci have been using it for a long time. According to Snap representative Jessica Allen, ‘they are all about adding a fun, entertaining element to your Snaps

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