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Discord Acquires Augmented Reality Startup Ubiquity6

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Augmented Reality startup Ubiquity6 raised tens of millions from investors and carried out a substantial pivot earlier this team. The startup and its team acquired by Discord, the gaming chat app giant. In addition, the company raised $37.5 million from various top investors, including Google’s Gradient Ventures, First Round, and more. These ventures were betting on its vision to create a consumer-facing platform for hosting content for Augmented Reality. In 2018 October, the most recent publicly financing was a $27 million Series B. 

Discord team acquisitions were not disclosed yet in recent months; the Augmented Reality startup Ubiquity6 seemed to abandon its products. However, the products it has spent its initial year’s building suggest that the startup has been discovering audiences for its products.

Ubiquity6 Product called Displayland

Ubiquity6 launched back in 2017 hoped to create an app that would target mobile users browsing AR content. However, in late 2019, the startup launched a product known as Displayland. This product aims to gamify the 3D scanning physical environment success using smartphone’s camera. Unfortunately, the AR market of mobile hampered the effort of the company to find mass adoption. In fact, it has largely failed to gain any momentum in recent years despite huge investments from Apple and Google. In early 2020, the CEO Anjney Midha told TechCrunch that Ubiquity6 has around 65 employees. 

The startup, in recent months, has executed a drastic pivot, leaving AR behind in creating a desktop platform. This platform enabled users to play online party games remotely. In fact, the beta platform, also known as Backyard, designed for COVID-19 era habits that appear on the decline of the US springs back into action. However, as a part of the acquisition announcement, Backyard was discontinued this week. Additionally, in a recent Medium post, Midha seems to downplay Ubiquity’s AR technology expectations that will be living inside Discord. 

On this behalf, Midha wrote, “Our mission at Ubiquity6 has always been to unlock new ways for people to connect through shared experiences.“Joining Discord today allows us to accelerate that mission — Ubiquity6’s team, Backyard product, and multiplayer technology will be integrated into Discord.”

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