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Facebook Patents an Augmented Reality Baseball Cap

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Let’s face it- the main issue for augmented reality device designs. The weird-looking gadgets are something people don’t feel comfortable wearing. Google Glass is one of the clear examples that have issues with gaining consumer traction. But recently, the social media giant, Facebook, embraces a new design for its future wearables and Augmented Reality baseball cap. Although it originally filed back in 2019, the baseball cap by Facebook spotted by Founders Legal. According to Facebook, the design is a futuristic headgear alternative to conventional AR goggles and headsets. The company claims that goggles and headsets mostly unbalanced and heavy. Moreover, and sometimes generate heat that is uncomfortable against the skin of the user. 

What does the new Design of the Baseball Cap look like?

Rather than creating more sci-fi designs, Facebook is creating a hat that uses a brim to hold a ‘display subsystem.’ You can fold it up or down as required. In its patent filing, the social media giant uses a baseball hat to describe the concept as a whole. However, further illustrations and descriptions describe a design that could be applied to various hat styles. These styles include visors, fedoras, and cowboy hats.

Although it may look silly, the company says there are various advantages of such a design in its patent filing. For instance, it makes positioning hot electronics away from a face, increasing overall wearability and comfort. Moreover, the social media platform says more surface area to install AR components by using brimmed hats. It allows Facebook to design more sophisticated or advanced devices.

Because the hat’s brim extends towards the user’s face, Facebook says there is more room to include things such as body, face tracking, and camera for eyes. The most significant advantage of designing the AR headset around a brimmed hat is that you can wear it like a regular hat if you are not using a display.

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