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Microsoft to Unveil First New Windows in 6 Years

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Microsoft Corporation unveils its first major revamp of Windows OS in six years. As one of the leading and common names in the household, Microsoft has dominated personal computers for many years. Today, it has been overtaken in popularity by devices using Google and Apple software. However, the software is still core to the strength of Microsoft in the corporate market. Also, the upgraded OS can appeal to those who have aided drive sales of computers over the past year due to work-from-home practices in the Covid-19 pandemic. 

According to analysts, Window 10 successor Window 11 contains updates for business users making dual monitor setups easy to use. Also, it can hold updates for PC gamers, including the Xbox app, which is another essential customer base for Microsoft. 

More Details Provided by Microsoft for Revamped Windows Store

Microsoft can give more details on its plans for a revamped Windows Store at an online launch event. Microsoft has recently cut commissions on games sold via the store to 12% less than regular apps (15%). Moreover, it has been a vocal critic of the AAPL.O App store of Apple, which charges 30% commissions and needs developers to use in-app payment systems of Apple. 

In the 1990s, Microsoft, powered by Windows, saw a tremendous rise. This is because PCs became a fixture among consumers and businesses. But the OS took a backseat to Alphabet’s GOOGL.O Google and Apple’s iOS as mobile phones displaced computers as the primary computing device for many users. Moreover, Windows remains one of the leading and biggest platforms in the world of technology. The personal computing segment of Microsoft includes Windows revenue for consumers and businesses, accounting for $48.2 billion of its $143 billing in revenue in its recent fiscal year. 

On the other hand, Windows 10 currently has 1.3 billion users, nearly the total installed device base of Apple, which is 1.65 billion users. However, it is less than half of Alphabet’s Android users, which are 3 billion. 

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