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Google Announced New Features to add to Google Meet

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Google, the popular search engine giant, has recently announced new features to add to Google Meet for education customers. These features are not only to increase the platform utility for students and teachers but to give more access to admins. Wondering what these features are? Let’s have a look.

Google Meet Live Translate Support

If you are an educator with Learning and Teaching Upgrade or Education Plus, the company will provide you with live translated caption options. With these features, Google claims that users can listen to someone speaking in a language and see captions in other languages in real-time. 

Livestream on YouTube

Another new feature is live streaming directly on YouTube. In this feature, users will get an option to make Meet Calls Livestream on YouTube, which anyone can attend. According to Google, this functionality is perfect for school events, school board meetings, and more. The company said that this feature would be rolled out in beta later this year. Moreover, it will be available for customers with Education Plus or Teaching & Learning Upgrade in early 2022. 

Closed Captions During Live Streams

This is another feature Google will add later this year. It is the support of closed captions during live streams. This shows that users will visually display the audio in the live program. 

 More Controls for Admins

According to Google, it will add some settings to the Admin console. These settings let school authorities create policies for those who can join the video calls of the school. Moreover, in the coming weeks, admins with Education Plus and Teaching & Learning Upgrade will be able to end any meeting directly from the investigation tool. Also, it will not enable anyone to rejoin the meeting in the absence of the host.

Security Enhancement

Google will also tweak some features that will give more access and control to teachers. These include automatic admission of students who are on the Classroom roster to the meeting when a teacher is available, permission from teachers to join a meeting who is not on the Classroom roster, inability to talk or see other students, and placing students in the waiting room. 

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