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Microsoft Announces Preview of a New Set of Azure Arc-Enabled Services

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During Microsoft’s Build Conference, Microsoft announced a new set of Azure Service in preview. With this new service, customers can run any CNCF conformant Kubernetes clusters virtually with the help of the Azure Arc multi-cloud service.

Moreover, with Azure Arc, customers can also use a single service in the Cloud. This is to manage their premises data centers and container clusters across clouds. When Azure Arc launched, the company let some core Azure services run in these clusters straightforwardly. These clusters are basically a small set of data services like Azure SQL Database and Kubernetes and machine learning tools

Moreover, these now added as additional services with API Management, Event Grid, Azure Logic Apps, App Services, and Azure Functions. That means customers can easily deploy Web Functions, Logic Apps, Event Grids, API Gateways, and Web apps services on pre-provisioned Kubernetes clusters. Besides this, in the Book of News, Microsoft also explained the benefits of these Arc-enabled services for this year’s Build.

At the Build, Satya Nadella also stated that integrating these services would make it far easier for developers to develop hybrid apps. In fact, you can run these apps in various environments. You can manage it from a single dashboard. It means that developers can pick their desired service to run on the edge, on-premise, or other clouds. Moreover, it can tie to Azure Kubernetes Service as well as Azure Stack HCI for quick deployment workflow.

With whom does Azure Arc compete?

Azure Arc competes with the same offering from Google and AWS. For instance, AWS’s generated ECS Anywhere like Arc also provides businesses a single service to manage their container cluster with clouds. 

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