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Apple Announcements at WWDC show Augmented Reality is Still its ‘Next Big Thing’

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In the latest WWDC conference, Apple introduces many new AR technologies and tools for software makers. These technologies could be crucial if the brand releases AR glasses or headsets in the coming years. However, Apple has never talked about its plans to release Augmented Reality Hardware. The company reportedly announced a headset is coming up this year. 

Microsoft, Snap, and Facebook are also working on AR devices that display information in front of the user’s eyes. Although to succeed with AR devices, Apple will have to come up with valid reasons for users to use them. So, using software like YouTube, Maps, Mails, and the Mobile Safari browser assisted spur the adoption of the iPhone. Moreover, getting developers on board to create AR software increases the chance of ‘Killer apps’ being available during the launch. 

AR is the Next-Big Thing- CEO Tim Cook

Although Apple didn’t spend enough time on AR at its WWDS launch keynote, it announced various updates. According to CEO Tim Cook, AR is the next big thing. Loud Ventures founder and Apple analyst Gene Munster wrote in an email, “From a high level, this year, and maybe even next year’s WWDC event, will amount to a calm before an Apple innovation storm.” He also added, “Out of view today is Apple’s intense ongoing development related to new product categories around augmented reality wearables and transportation.”

Apple Announcement

During the conference, Apple told its developers about its improving tools that can create 

  • 3D models
  • Camera to understand body languages and gestures
  • Add quick AR experiences online
  • The Apple-backed standard for 3D content
  • Intriguing new sound technology

The AR announcements made by Apple in the week-long conferences include

Object Capture: It is not an app but a technology that enables a camera like an iPhone to take several photos of an object and then create a 3D model. 

RealityKit2: There are a lot of improvements in RealityKit2, including a way to organize images, assets, new tools, and to make players control characters within AR scenes. 

ArKit5: It is another software toolset for making AR experiences, focusing on discovering where to put digital objects in the real world. 

AI for understanding faces, people, and hands: Apple’s Vision framework software can call applications to detect poses, faces, and people through the iPhone’s camera. The computer vision software of Apple can identify objects within images, including signs, texts, and the ability to search things within a photo.

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