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Facebook’s Spark AR Platform Expands to Video Calling with Multipeer API

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With the pandemic, video calling has become a part of everyone’s lives. It has mostly involved a video channel along with an audio channel. With the introduction of Facebook’s Multipeer API, the company is coming up with a data channel. It lets AR effects communicate with each other across devices and users seamlessly. This is a fundamental shift that will help move AR from a single user, single-screen experience to a multi-user and multi-screen experience. 

What’s the Buzz about the Multipeer API?

Facebook’s Augmented Reality platform, Spark AR, announced in 2017, powers funny dog ear filters on Instagram. With the announcement of the new Multipeer API, this filter is getting more powerful. Moreover, this new API will also bring AR on the platform to video calling on Portal, Instagram, and Messenger. 

Recently, the social media giant Facebook claims that more than 600,000 creators have used the platform to publish more than 2 million Augmented Reality effects.

In fact, this new Multipeer API will also bring these effects to video and enable developers to build immersive Augmented Reality experiences that leverage the technology in different ways. So, here are a few examples to explore. 

Shared Moments

A simple instance of shared moments is hosting a virtual event with virtual candles and cakes that can be blown using gesture recognition. 

Shared context 

When it comes to video calls, everyone has different comfort levels. Over longer duration calls, it becomes easier for people to pause or take a break in a conversation. So, AR effects can provide people with shared space on their video calls. 

Shared Games

Facebook also thinks that there should be an opportunity to create effects for group play with AR games. The Multipeer API makes it possible for players to play with each other and can hear voices, see facial expressions and feel like they are playing together. 

To stay more informed regarding Facebook’s latest news stay tuned to Arify.news.


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