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Snap’s New Spectacles Set You See the World in Augmented Reality

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Snapchat unveils new Snap AR Glasses, the latest addition to its Augmented Reality devices. These new spectacles come with real-time overlay and AR display. Using AR, the new Spectacles enable you to interact with virtual environments, Although these are only available for some artists and creators yet, according to the company. 

According to a report, The new Spectacles announced at Snap’s virtual Partner Summit for developers, where the company showed several augmented reality features for Snapchat. The new feature known as Connected lenses enables several people to see the same scene in AR.  


The new Snap AR Glasses uses a 3D waveguide display that shines as bright as 2000 bits outdoors and indoors. They also entail 2RGB Cameras and 4 microphones to gather precise information about surroundings. They come with the least latency time of 15 milliseconds, animations and the digital objects feel quite natural. 

The unique design of the spectacles weighs around 135 grams. Once your family charges these spectacles, they can use for up to 30 minutes. When you use a dedicated app like Lens Studio, creators can easily develop world lenses and 3D faces that can be used and shared on Snap without any hassle. 

Snapchat Spectacles Features

The new Snapchat spectacles enable you to play AR games, interact with virtual objects and record visual experiences. Moreover, similar to the lens or filters in the Snap app, the spectacles have many functions to choose from that can be shared and clicked. In fact, these are capacitive touchpads on either stem that enable you to navigate virtual menus in the glasses. 


As mentioned above, the new Spectacles is designed only for creators rather than Snapchat users in specific. Therefore, the latest versions are not available for regular users. Though the company has partnered with some selected creators to reveal its experience, it might soon be available for everyone. 


The price of Snap’s new Spectacles is not yet revealed. Though the previous version cost $380.

Besides this, Snapchat is also launching an AR; innovation lab known as Ghost, which is committing $3.5 million to support creators making an effect with the next 1 million funding with Verizon to fund AR experiences used over 5G. According to Spiegel, these head-worn devices by Snapchat like Spectacles ll create a massive shift in how we interact with systems.

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