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Eastern Market Murder- A New AR True Crime Game

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Do you love solving a crime mystery a century ago in the actual location where it happened? Eastern Market Murder, a new location-based Augmented Reality game, has got you covered. This game is the second game at True Crime Mysteries from a small Indie team. Recently, a new Atlas Eastern Market Murder hit the streets to test it out. 

Eastern Market Murder- An AR-based Game

After Misadventure in Little Lon, this new kind of game ‘Eastern Market Murder’ includes walking history tours, taking players on a 1.6-mile trek around the alleyways and streets of Melbourne. You can see virtual characters appear over the real-world scene in each location as seen through your smartphone’s camera. 

In the game, the players are asked to investigate an 1899 murder at the sprawling Eastern Market. In fact, that was the place where a long-time rivalry between stallholders turned into a violent confrontation. 

When Annie ran with a broken arm, Frank, her husband, confronted Medor and killed him. The player needs to interrogate witnesses and other people, collecting evidence to understand the crime on Medor. The game uses the intensive use of technology and meticulously researched history. In fact, it blends both past and presents together uniformly. Undoubtedly, this is one of the amazing examples of AR games to date. 

Compared to the previous version, Eastern Market Murder has more variety. Moreover, you will discover a woman in the game standing in front of a building and row of virtual post boxes. This building housed a post office around 120 years ago. In Chinatown Plaza, a couple of doctors sit at a table enjoying a drink together that you pour for them by tipping your phone over their virtual glasses. 

What’s More Striking in the Game?

One of the most striking parts of the game is when a player visits a real-life scene of the crime. The phrenology clinic of Medor has been recreated digitally, enabling you to walk physically into a shop to analyze the evidence, including letters cribbed on his desk. In the next scene, you can walk around a local florist using your phone to peer over every part. 

However, one of the most intriguing parts is where the tech places a literal window into the past. Players can visit the building where Medor used to stay 120 years ago. In real-time, you can view the old window in the brickwork outline long since patched up. However, through your smartphone, the window reappears, and you can check into the bedroom of the phrenologist for clues. 

The overall experience of the game has been improved from the previous version. The dialog menu is more complex but cleaner. The game automatically takes note for you, so you don’t need to track anything yourself. Although the first two games have been set in Melbourne, the team is looking for darker stories in the rich history of other cities. Currently, the game is available on both Android or iOS. 

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