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Arvizio Take Drone Mapped 3D models to Life in Augmented Reality

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With every small to big firm entering the world of Augmented Reality, Ottawa-based Arivizio is no exception. Arvizio is an Augmented Reality provider for real-time visualization and collaboration. 

Recently, the company announced the ability to add UAV mapped 3D models, multi-location AR collaborative sessions, point clouds into multi-user using their immerse 3D solution. 

It allows customers to visualize and interact with 3D aerial LiDar scans and/or photogrammetry in engineering fields. These fields are infrastructure, energy, utilities, precision agriculture, construction, and mining. Let’s read in detail about this recent buzz. 

What is Drone 3D Mapping?

Drones, mapping and surveying are some of the crucial aspects to be used for commercial purposes. Drone enables surveyors to survey an area and take manual measurements without spending days or weeks. Drones not only make the surveying job easier but also produce accurate models and data. Certainly area mapping and surveying are the most lucrative fields in the commercial drone flight’s era. In fact, it is a technically demanding skill and technology. 

Arvizio Drone Mapped 3D Models in Augmented Reality

Today, many public and enterprise works are using drone 3D mapping for various tasks. Be it progress tracking, project planning, assessing, and tracking short-term and long-term changes. Visualizing these datasets created by LiDar and photogrammetry are difficult and massive on AR headsets, Android tablets, smartphones, and iPad. 

For these huge datasets, Arvizio Immerse 3D provides broad area network streaming and dynamic level of processing. It enables customers to leverage the GPU power of their computers, cloud-based virtual machines, and servers to point cloud over WAN and scale 3D models. Moreover, it enables multiple users to work and collaborate with the content. 5G networks expanding installation will also enhance the low latency streaming capabilities of Arivizio. 

The CEO of Arvizo, Jonathan Reeves, stated that Drone reality capture offers high-resolution, reliable 3D imagery of inaccessible locations and vast areas. In fact, the value of the data collected by it is also growing at a rapid pace. Besides that, customers will also use their drone captures as digital twins in synchronized AR visualization sessions for impactful, precise project monitoring, outlining, and reviews. Also, the 5G networks rollout will enhance the visualization experience and offer low latency streaming over the WAN abilities. 

Arizio’s Immerse 3D provides a patented level of unique model optimization, detail processing, and efficient WAN transport capability. It provides parallel streaming and data compression of large sets to multiple Augmented Reality Clients. Undoubtedly, the Immerse 3D by Arvizio is one of the ideal ways for industries employing 3D Scanning and mapping to use their reality capture data fully. 

To know more about Augmented Reality’s latest news, stay tuned to Arify.news. We bring the latest news before it hits the shelves. 


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