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Mark Zuckerberg Uses Latest Appearance to Triple Down on Augmented Reality & Creator Revenue-Focused Future

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The annual earning call of Facebook didn’t come up with anything that could leave anyone awe-stuck. However, if you’ve paid close attention to the tech language of Zuckerberg, a few things reveal where Facebook takes around 3 billion users in 2022. The earnings of Facebook are moving at a steady speed, with total revenue of $26.17 billion for the quarter. In fact, it is up to 48% more than last year So, how Augmented Reality contributes to it? Let’s have a precise overview. 

Facebook’s Augmented Reality and VR

Without much delay, Mark Zuckerberg clarifies that currently, his primary focus is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. He believes that AR and VR have a more effective presence and social connection than any existing form. According to him, AR and VR would play a major role in how humans will interact with computers. Therefore, they are investing heavily in creating the best experiences. Moreover, in the overall R & D budget growth, this accounts for a major part. 

Mark also mentioned that this quarter they had shared more about their future investments. It includes neural interfaces for AR interaction. Also, they are testing their new avatar system that will play a major part in how users express themselves and connect. 

For a long time, he has AR and VR considerations, and it would help his team deliver social experiences, and a sense of presence users want to build. Currently, using web browsers has restricted mobile app uses. Moreover, he thinks that an environment where you can feel an actual presence with someone could be really powerful. In fact, it will unlock a few experiences that they have wanted to create for a long time.

Zuckerberg take on Facebook’s Annual Earning Call

  • AR Smart Glasses

Zuckerberg was excited to talk about the company’s upcoming AR smart glasses. Currently, they are called Project Aria and only being worn by the employees of Facebook. Also, the company assures to pull the curtains off from its smart glass design collaboration with Ray-Ban, soon this year. 

  • Diem- Facebook’s Digital Token

Another topic that Zuckerberg didn’t address in his comments was Diem- Facebook’s digital token. He mentioned that Payments like Diem or Facebook PAY would be the big things. Moreover, commerce across all these platforms would be important, and therefore, they want to enable payments easily to make it to the economics work out for developers. The upcoming Diem will unlock a lot of value to AR and VR’s virtual worlds on Facebook’s platform. It may put social media behind its Diem coin, which would be essential to commerce on Facebook and Instagram. 

Wrapping the post

Right now, Facebook is moving smartly and speaking conservatively about its Diems plans. However, suppose Spark AR is the AR toolset, and Instagram and Facebook are the major targeted AR platforms. In that case, Diem could be a digital fuel to kick Facebook’s VR and AR vision, overdriving on the back of digital commerce.

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