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Apple Introduces New Search Suggestions Feature

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After recently delivering the next big update iOS 14.5 for iPhone users unlock their device with Apple Watch using Face ID while wearing a mask. Now the leading world-class tech brand has come up with something really inspiring. This is a new App Store search suggestions feature. As the name suggests, this feature will be quite helpful for searching apps on the App Store. Moreover, it will predict the app you are looking for based on your searches and provide you the relevant suggestions. 

When you tap on it, the feature will narrow down search results and provide you the kind of apps you are finding on the App store. According to MacRumors, search suggestions appeared on a few iPhones in April during the testing phase. However, now it should be available to all iPhones in the U.S., U.K, and Canada.

How does Search Suggestions Feature Work?

If you are wondering how the new search suggestion feature works, our answer is simple. This feature works seamlessly and easily. After a user typed a search term or phrase, the App Store will predict some of the apps you might be looking for. Also, based on that, the App Store would suggest some apps when tapped. It will further narrow down your search results and then speed up the process for hunting a particular app you are looking for. 

Perhaps, using search suggestions is pretty simple. For example, if you are looking for the process of installing a puzzle game app, you can type ‘puzzle game’ in the search field of the App Store’s search and see related words and phrases appearing. 

If any phrase or term is related to your search query, you can simply tap on it. Currently, you cannot select multiple suggestions in every search. It gives you only one suggestion at a time. When you select the suggestion filter, it will help you to find the relevant app easily. However, not every search brings up a suggestion filter. The only thing you can constantly see in search is Apple’s ads to the App Store App in 2016

Even if you search for the right way to make a pizza, you could find many big-name ads popping up, such as Papa John’s and Uber Eats. Moreover, ordering delivery is a cakewalk with this feature. The main focus of these ads is to inflame Apple’s App store critics. Undoubtedly, indie developers put their best efforts to figure out the amount of water to add to the pizza’s flour than Uber’s ad budget. So, this is beneficial for Apple’s profit as well. 

Wrapping the Post

Although it is unclear if this new feature will work or not and if it will make things easier or challenging for small developers to get more exposure. So, let’s hope it could be helpful for those who use the App Store to search for their desired app. 

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