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Google Unintentionally Unveils New 5G 5A Pixel Smartphone

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A few weeks ago, a leaker claimed that Google had discontinued the Pixel 5A due to the current chip shortage. However, Google denied this rumor immediately and confirmed that they are still working on the new Pixel smartphone. The company also confirmed that Pixel 5a would be on shelves this year but only in Japan and the US. 

However, in a new blog post, Google accidentally unveils photographs of a new smartphone. Google uses several photos to demo the HDR+ with Bracketing on new Pixel Phones. Moreover, it includes camera samples from the unreleased Pixel 5a. But those images got deleted before someone discovered and saved them. 

Google kept EXIF data in place from the images it uses in the AI blog. 

Pixel 5a Teases the Phone’s Actual Camera Specifications.

The rumored Pixel camera was said to have a 12.2 MP resolution. It comes from a rear ultra-wide camera along with an f2.2 aperture. In fact, these findings clearly indicate that Google may recycle a few parts from its previous launches. If it happens, the ultra-wide lens would have a 16MP camera. 

According to 9to5Google, the new smartphone by Google includes improved camera quality in a few third-party apps. Also, the device will see ‘performance optimization for specific games and graphic intensive apps. Before being taken down, 9to5Google somehow managed to download the photo and analyze its embedded EXIF data. 

The first photo shows Google’s photography heritage. The company, however, decided to in a promotional post. 

The second picture deleted by Google was more mysterious. The metadata didn’t show the name of the handset. It may seem like it’s from the Pixel 5A or some other unannounced smartphone.

The embedded EXIF data offers extra on-photographic data with an image. Also, it enables users to read the camera model name with an ultra-wide lens and f/2.2 lens aperture specifications. The camera specs also suggest that the Pixel 5A has a dual-camera setup similar to the available Pixel handsets such as 4A 5G. However, Pixel 5A, an embedded model name, does not have a 5G designation. This suggests that there might not be separate 5G and non 5G versions in the upcoming smartphone. 

If we believe the rumors, the new Pixel 5a will be launched on June 11. However, there is no official statement from Google yet. 

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