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Meta’s AR Technology Gets a New Life as Campfire MR Headset

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A new mixed reality company, ‘Campfire,’ has recently grabbed the spotlight by purchasing rights to Meta’s Patented technology and reimagined it for remote enterprise collaboration. The new MR headset is definitely going to be a game-changer! So, what is the buzz all about it? Let’s have a look.

Today, you can find Augmented Reality almost everywhere. Every small to big company is striving hard to include an element of Augmented Reality in their functioning. Undoubtedly many big brands like Apple, Microsoft, and more have set benchmarks for other companies throughout the world. Here Campfire, a small startup company from San Matero, California, has joined the race. 

Campfire MR Headset Meta’s AR Technology

Campfire is a small mixed reality company that recently announced that it raises around $8 million in venture capital. This venture capital is to bring its enterprise Augmented Reality solution to market. In fact, the innovative approach used by the company is to use immersive technology for remote collaboration. The biggest issue here is the remote sharing of 3D content with multiple users. However, it has nothing to do with the virtual environment. But, it has to do with virtual content orientation in the physical environment.  

What’s Included in Campfire’s Solution?

Campfire’s Solution involves a headset that can easily display experiences like VR and AR. Moreover, it can transform your smartphone into a tracked controller, easily manipulating the virtual environment. According to Tweaktown, it also comes with a console that plays the role of anchor point to link the physical and virtual world together. 

The new Campfire console marks the location in order to display 3D objects. Moreover, it enables the designers of the product to share the work with teammates. Also, the Campfire console makes it convenient for the headset wearer to see the virtual objects placed in the same area. Besides this, remotely working teams can also use Campfire in order to work together. This console also supports synchronization while enabling remote teams to work with similar content together. 

Beyond that, Campfire is also developing ‘Scenes’ software to enable designers to drag their 3D models into the collaborative viewer. According to Campfire, the software can easily support 40 CAD and 3D file formats. In fact, it enables users to bring their existing work into the platform of Campfire. 

Currently, the details about the kit’s price has not been out yet. However, the company said that hardware would be going to release later this year. 

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