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Microsoft Announces 64-Bit Visual Studio 2022

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Microsoft gives surprising news to developers by announcing the next installment of Visual Studio- Visual Studio 2022. The new edition is all about to release later this summer. The company reveals that this new software will be 64-bit, more than the earlier edition, which is only 32-bit. Besides that, Microsoft also said that the user experience would be much cleaner, action-oriented, and intelligent in this new software. Moreover, due to enhanced and improved GitHub integration, the cloud focus would be increased. 

Visual Studio 2022- 64 Bit Edition

The new edition, as mentioned above, is a 64-bit application. In fact, it is no longer restricted to 4GB of memory in the chief devenv.exe process. Moreover, with this edition, you can easily open it, edit, run, and debug the most complex solution. Also, without running out of memory. Though the new edition doesn’t change the bitness or types of applications, you create with Visual Studio. Undoubtedly, Visual Studio is a great tool for building 32-bit apps as well. 

It would be satisfying it is to see that how Visual Studio scales up to use extra memory. It is available only for a 64-bit process as it opens a solution with 1,600 projects and 300k files. The best aspect is there are no more out-of-memory exceptions. According to Microsoft’s blog, they are working on every aspect to make the workflow faster as well as efficient. Be it loading solutions to F5 debugging, everything included. 

The Design Update

Microsoft is refreshing the user interface to keep the users in their flow when it comes to the design. In fact, there are a few subtle changes, such as cosmetic touches to reduce crowding as well as modernize the UI. Also, to make Visual Studio more accessible, the next-gen Visual Studio edition includes:

  • Updated icons that offer better contrast, legibility, and clarity.
  • Improved and enhanced Product Themes
  • Cascadia Code is the latest fixed-width font offering better ligature support and readability.
  • Accessibility Insights Integration to discover any accessibility problems before reaching end-users

Personalizing IDE

Another new feature you will find in this new edition is the ability to customize IDE aspects to syncing settings across devices of multiple dev boxes. 

Apps Development

Whether you are looking to create apps with Azure, .Net, or C++ developer, if you are Visual Studio 2022 has got you covered! It enables developers to create cloud-based, modern apps. In fact, it has fully integrated support of WL, Linux, and CMake. The new Reload feature allows coding change in running apps while improving and debugging workflow. 

Currently, the release date has not been shared yet by Microsoft for the 64-bit Visual Studio 2022 variant. But the company assures the more information would hit the shelves soon,

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