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Apple Unveils the Next Generation of Apple TV 4K 2021

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Apple brings the latest innovation handy. The big tech brand is making improvements in some of its old devices, making it work smoother. The perfect example here is the next-gen Apple TV 4K 2021. 

Apple introduces the updated version of the old Apple TV 4K in the Apple’s Spring Event. It has stunned users with its amazing improvement. Faster A12 Processor with nifty new TV Calibration (work with iPhone), HDMI 2.1 support, and a new Siri Remote! All these improvements make the new Apple TV 4K a dream device for any Apple TV fanatic. 

So, what are the improved features in New Siri Remote? Let’s have a look in detail.

Apple TV 4K – New Siri Remote 

The brand new layout of the new Siri Remote can make you fall for it. 100% recycled all-aluminum body, ability to control TV, and touching the keypad at the top will definitely make it anyone’s favorite. The new version relies on a touchpad, but you will see more tactile and visual cues. Moreover, it is circular with four dots and an outer ring in the cardinal directions. 

According to Apple, if you move your thumb in a circle, you can see a new gesture that controls the motions up and down. Also, for better accuracy, the Siri remote touts five-way navigation. 

The new Siri remote also comes with a dedicated TV power button. With this button, you can switch your TV on or off. The color of the remote is silver, which is far better than the black variants. The new Siri remote is available for preorder on April 30 and shipping in May. The price of the remote starts at $179 (£169, AU$249).

Apple TV 4K- Next-Gen Update

The new streaming box will be available in 32GB storage and $64 GB storage. It is best to be used in modern home theaters. Moreover, it can handle the latest services of the brand, especially Apple Apple Arcade video game offering and Apple TV streaming video platform.

AirPlay can support High Frame Rates HDR. The color balance feature will also pair this new Apple TV with your iPhone to use the phone’s sensors to fine-tune pictures on your TV. 

When it comes to the box design, it is the same as the previous version. The new Apple TV 4K version uses high-end technology such as Dolby Atmos for sound and Dolby Vision for a picture. You can connect it to a compatible home theater, speakers, and a compatible TV for a top-notch experience. 

According to the sources, this new Apple TV 4K will be available for order on April 30, while the shipping will start in the second half of May. 

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