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Apple Introduces AirTags to Keep Track and Locate Items with Find My App

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Finally, after two years of rumors, Apple’s AirTags are now available! With fierce competition for Tile trackers, AirTags has entered the market with some accessories. In fact, various AirTags accessories could be available on eBay and Amazon for some time. This long-rumored Bluetooth device could definitely be a game-changer. It can attach to laptops, keys, wallets, and also your car. 

AirTags First Look

According to 9to5 Google, UnclePan, a well-known leaker, has shared the first look of the device on Weibo. The accessory looks quite like a luggage tag made of the same rubber used in Apple watch bands. Also, the tag also has a circular area in the inside slot. However, it seems like the accessory is not an official Apple accessory made by third-party manufacturers. In fact, last year, a report also stated that Apple was designing its own AirTags accessories, including a keychain attachment and a leather sleeve. 

Basically, this accessory is designed to be attached to the valuable items of the user, similar to a keychain. It features Ultra band radios, Bluetooth and can also participate in the Find My Network. Moreover, the device broadcasts have a unique identification that will then be seen in the Find My app for the tag owners. 

How does it Work?

AirTags also has a small beeper that can be heard when nearby. This function is quite similar to other Bluetooth trackers. However, one of the best aspects of the AirTags is the inclusion of the Ultra-Wide Band Chip. This chip is quite effective in positioning a location indicator when it is within 20 meters of the unit’s location. You just need to connect it to your iPhone, and you will be able to track AirTag’s location. 

Moreover, code leaks also show that Find My app also has AR experience in it. It enables users to hold their iPhone and then see an arrow that will point where the object is placed in AR. In simple words, AirTags will show up in the Find My app’s “Items” tabs. It will be used to track third-party Bluetooth accessories that come with Find My Integration.

What will happen if you lose your item with AirTag?

If you lose any items with AirTag on it, you will get a notification on your iPhone. Then you need to tap a button in the Find My app that will chime your AirTag loudly, allowing you to locate the items if it is lost nearby. Augmented Reality plays a vital role here as Find My App has an ARKit that uses AR to track the item nearby. Also, Apple uses balloon assets that help you visually see where your item could be. 

Undoubtedly this small tracking tile, along with Bluetooth connectivity, is quite effective in finding lost items. Several other products in the market are already similar to this, such as Adero and Tile, but Apple’s Airtags will be designed to work more seamlessly on Apple devices. 

The Cost

AirTags will cost $29 and if you want to opt for four, it will cost you $99. The device will be available from 8AM ET (1200 GMT) on April 30. 

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