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IKEA’s New AR App Allow you Design Entire Rooms

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The Swedish multinational conglomerate Ikea recently introduced a new AR app that allows you to design your entire room. Excited to know more? Let’s jump into the article. 

In September 2017, after the release of Apple’s iOS 11 Augmented Reality, IKEA introduced an app known as IKEA Place. The app uses the new AR kit of Apple, known as ArKit. It includes some true-to-scale and 3D models of furniture ranging from coffee tables, armchairs to sofas and footstools.

A few months before, in an interview, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said he was excited about AR. In fact, he also acknowledged how IKEA changed its furniture buying experience with AR. 

Many people start putting their desired piece of furniture on the app and digitally see how it looks. After finding a piece of furniture, they have to close the app and then visit the IKEA website or app to shop for it. 

IKEA NEW FANCY AR APP- What’s the Buzz? 

With IKEA, now things have changed. The company is paying commission to its Copenhagen-based furniture living lab SPACE 10 to revamps the AR offering, resulting in IKEA Studio. SPACE 10 with IKEA aims to help people design whole rooms using the iPhone’s LiDAR sensors. 

Yes, currently, this new project is for Apple users only. SPACE 10 starts it in open beta and wants users to hone the final Studio offering. However, for now, with the app, you can capture 3D room plans, including doorways and windows measurements. The app will detect every piece of furniture in your room and replace them with white boxes. 

Now from there, you can easily change the colors of the walls, place decor, furniture and shelving system. You can then export the complete design in 2D or 3D and send it to others. Besides that, the model also includes a ceiling allowing you to add virtual suspended light fitting. Other notable features include placing items on each other and turning AR Lamps on and off.

If you are an AR fan and want to sign up for the beta, click here. If you are eligible, you will get an email from TestFlight when it becomes available. 

According to sources, the app is not connected to the IKEA website or its retail app, which is quite frustrating. So, if you are purchasing a home decor in the IKEA app and want to see where you can place it in your room, you’ll experience a problem. You have to open up the STUDIO app and restart it. 

Wrapping the Post

Currently, IKEA just wanted to know how the Studio app is working. A few things are in the pipeline such as features like walls-storage and wall-painting. These features use machine learning algorithms to look for the best storage items for the space recommended. 

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