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Snap, LACMA Unveil 5 Monumental Perspectives AR Project

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Snapchat, one of the most popular social platforms, continues to explore Augmented Reality in its new project. Recently the American multimedia messaging app collaborated with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and launched a new digital art project.

The project showcases five digital monuments and murals around Los Angeles. In fact, these five monuments represent the communities and history of the place. So, you can only see the past and present of monuments through the Snap camera. These AR monuments and murals are created using Snap’s technology, allowing users to view them directly from the app. 

The video (below) shows how the five digital monuments can be seen through a snap camera. In fact, it can enable users to engage with these monuments while opening the projects in front of new global audiences.  

What did Snapchat say?

Snap explained that all the five monuments focus on different perspectives. These five monuments and murals include: 

  1. Mercedes Dorame’s “Portal for Tovaangar,” on the main LACMA campus.
  2. I.R. Bach’s animations designed to inspire self-reflection,
  3. Glenn Kaino’s path of generational stories of connectedness along the 1932 L.A. Olympic marathon route
  4. Ruben Ochoa’s homage to the shared history of street vendors in L.A.
  5. Ada Pinkston’s memorial series pays tribute to Biddy Mason.

Moreover, this new AR project by ACMA and Snapchat illuminates little-known histories and untold stories about the above monuments in Los Angeles. So, when users view through their device at the set location, the digital art would be seen. 

However, in 2017, Snapchat also launched the major AR art installation project. This project was with artist Jeff Koons in which he placed sculptures in different areas for snap users to inspect. 

Besides this, Snapchat has worked with Damien Hirst, a British Painter, on a charity-inspired Augmented Reality AR art project. Also, in Carnaby Street of London last year, Snapchat launched its form City Painter collaborative AR project.  

With such experiments, Snap is offering a new way AR for gimmick-driven or novelty purposes. Moreover, it also provides a platform for large-scale audiences. 

Launch of the Snap Monumental Perspectives AR project

The project’s launch date is April 18, which coincides with the International Day for Monuments and Sites. So, all these monuments will be available on Snap Map, making finding each location easier. 

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