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Disney Developing Augmented Reality System Capable of Virtually Lighting Real-World Objects

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According to a report, Disney is developing an Augmented Reality system that will offer virtual lightning real-world objects. Wondering what is this buzz about? Let’s have a look. 

Lighting is an ignored feature of attraction design. In fact, when you ride Spaceship Earth, you will discover several theater-style lighting fixtures. You will analyze a clear difference between the Sistine Chapel scene lightning from the computer lab. The designers of lightning illuminate the scenes quite like a stage show or a television production.

Recently, a new invention by Disney amazed everyone. This invention could remove traditional and moving lightning effects from AR viewers. 

According to a patent application (US 2021/0097757 A1) published April 1, 2021, the real-time lighting effects illuminate Real-world Physical Objects in see-through AR displays. A light source generator and a shader are used to apply some virtual illumination in order to view physical objects through AR display. 

Disney Augmented Reality System Application’s Abstract

The system is capable of mapping 3D objects in the real world. The shader discovers points on particular objects, especially vertices. In fact, these vertices connects to create several polygons mapping the real-world object for the PC. The shader then identifies the computer-generated lightning source applied to the polygons. On the top of the real-world objects via the AR screen, you could see rendered scene lightning. 

Arify.news (C.)wdwnt (Image 1)

The above image shows an overview of the system implementation. The user wears an AR viewer and a camera capturing the real-world environment. It sends the information captured to the processing system that analyzes the environment, shades the objects, generates virtual lighting, and renders the scene. Then the rendered lightning scene is displayed on the see transparent lens. The users can see the virtual lighting effects on real-world objects. 

Arify.news (C.)wdwnt (Image 2)

You can see another version of the system in the second image, which offloads some processing to a networked computer. You can see that in this version, the shading and the environment identification are managed remotely. The AR viewer’s processing system generates some lightning effects and also renders the Augmented Reality scene to the display. In fact, this setup would enable smaller and moderate AR viewers. 

In a nutshell, this new invention could definitely alter the way attractions lighted. Though it won’t remove traditional lightning, it would come up with the latest and new lightning possibilities.

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