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Find Your Keys with Samsung’s new Augmented Reality SmartTag Plus

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When big names like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc., started to adopt Augmented Reality, how could Samsung stay behind? During the Galaxy S21 series announcement in January, the brand also introduced SmartTag Plus and Galaxy SmartTag. These small devices effectively find lost things like bags, keys, or even your pets. It allows you to locate things that are not reachable from the built-in Bluetooth tracker. Moreover, to make the competition more challenging for Tile Bluetooth Tracker, the brand has given a native option to Galaxy smartphones. So, what is special about this new device? Let’s talk about it.

SmartTag Plus Samsung’s New Augmented Reality

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag was introduced at the Galaxy Unpacked 2021 virtual event. In the same event, Samsung also introduces the Galaxy S21 smartphone series and Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds. This new AR SmartTag Plus is a Bluetooth tracker that helps you to find items and pets. 

What’s so Special About SmartTag Plus

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag works on Augmented Reality technology. It is based on Bluetooth Low Energy v5.0 (BLE) Technology. In fact, one of the best aspects of this Bluetooth tracker is that it allows you to find things within 120 meters range. This small device comes with a built-in speaker that generates sound when you tap the button from your smartphone. It easily helps you track a tagged product in your office or home. However, to find your lost items, you need to use the Galaxy Find Network via the SmartThings Find service. 

Besides this, Samsung also offered a Galaxy SmartTag button that allows you to control IoT (Internet of Things) devices connected with the SmartThings app. So, it enables you to switch on a connected light through Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag. Moreover, you do not have to bring your phone out or press any switch in your room. 

The Galaxy SmartTag+ is both UWB and BLE enabled, which means it can guide you with an easy interface on your UWB-equipped smartphone. 

PinPoint your Tags Location

The powerful detection capabilities of Galaxy SmartTag+ also leverage Smart Things Find. It means you can locate any tagged product on a map even if it is lost far from your location. That is because the tags utilize BLE connectivity as well as the Galaxy device network. Once you report your tag as lost or missing in SmartThings Find, any Galaxy device will alert the SmartThings server about the item’s location. You will also receive a notification. 

Launching Date

According to CNet, Samsung has announced that the new SmartTag+ will be launched on April 16, and the cost would be near about $40. 

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