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Snapchat Flocking Augmented Reality with Christian Dior’s B27 Sneaker Launch

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The new B27 sneakers combine the creative audacity of Christian Dior with its leather working heritage. Made in collaboration between Air Jordan and Christian Dior, these sneakers were highly anticipated by the avid followers of Christian Dior’s Creative Director, Kim Jones. The inspiration of the classy B27 sneakers came from vintage tennis shoes to whip up skateboarding style to balance comfort and functionality with style.  

Christian Dior’s Partnership with Snapchat?- The Buzz

Recently, the fashion house turned to Snap Inc. to spark information and excitement in its menswear lineup. It has become one of the first brands to adopt the business profiles of Snapchat. Together they launched an Augmented Reality try-on filter to provide a realistic image of in-store shopping.

This realistic Snapchat lens allows people to try six pairs of B27 sneakers using Augmented Reality. Moreover, they can also buy those directly from there. The Snapchat business profile turns itself on Snapchat into a digital showroom with virtual trials. This strategy alone has generated more than 2.4 million views of its Augmented Reality lens 

Colorways Christian Dior’s B27

When it comes to colorways, the B27 is neutral, with a blend of pale gray and black. Made from nubuck and leather, B27 sneakers feature the signature Dior logo-jacquard across the sides. 

You can see Dior embossed near the sole and on the heel. Even the eyelets are forming a ‘CD’ configuration referring to the initials of the label. 

In the current uncertain times for the luxury industry, investing in the booming sneaker market is a wise bet. According to the Christian Dior brand, around 5 million people signed up to try their hands on Air Jordan’s shoes. However, only 13,000 pairs of shoes manufactured to date. 

The chances are becoming more difficult because 5,000 pairs are only for top clients globally. So, it means only 8,000 pairs are for the public.

Geoffrey Perez, head of the luxury at Snapchat, to WWD, said that this exclusive Snap trial feature includes a blend of touchpoints. These include social media channels as well as websites. In fact, the brand stated that this is one of the most successful campaigns to date. 

Wrapping the post

According to the spokesperson for Dior, the creative DNA of the brand moved into digital space to connect with the public. He also said that Dior has always been keenly interested in Augmented Reality given Gen Z’s preference for mobile shopping.

When speaking about the cost, the sportier low-top variant of the B27 sneakers will be around $926. Whereas the high-top would sell for about $1043. According to the sources, both these variants will be out in Dior stores in the upcoming November.

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