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Home Tech Apple iPhone 13 series- Leak Reveals everything that Apple Kept Hidden

iPhone 13 series- Leak Reveals everything that Apple Kept Hidden

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Apple lovers are now anticipating the new iPhone series, including iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. Everyone is excited to see which new features and designs Apple is coming up with. According to Tomsguide, the latest rumors of the iPhone 13 are ramping up again. These rumors are coming from the most comprehensive leaks, which shows the sneak peek of the iPhone 13 series design. There are a lot of amazing details about the the new iPhone including cameras, designs, and more. Filip Koroy of EverythingApplePRO provides these details with leaker Max Weinbach. 

What’s the Buzz?

According to two popular Apple leakers, Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro, the new iPhone 13 series have a camera module as well as a smaller notch. The leakers also stated that for the first time, the infamous Apple notch would get smaller. 

In a leak video (below), the leaker reveals that the notch will become narrower. The main focus of the leaks is on both the new iphones. But Webinbach also shared some information on the inner workings and size of the Apple AirTags. Also, what you can expect at an April Apple event. 

Design and Color iPhone 13 Pro

According to Weinbach, the Space Gray and Graphite colorway are getting back for the new iPhone 13 Pro. But the exact shade would be – Blacker Matter Shade. Koroy also explains this by analyzing the Phantom version of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. 

Apple is planning some brighter options, such as bronze and orange, according to the leaks. However, Weinbach says this color might not be available in the new iPhone production. It is certainly a shame how good orange color is looking in the renders of EAP. 

Another minor change is a better stainless steel rail fingerprint-resistant coating around the edge. This is good news for those who are irritated with the smudgy side of the iPhone 12.

EAP also threw light on the recent rumors about the notch of the new iPhone series. For the first time, the notch is getting smaller. The width decreases due to the combined Face ID sensors with the front camera on the left side. 

Camera- iPhone 13 Pro

According to the new leak, both iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will be receiving flatter rear camera modules. It has the square bump and lens protrusion surrounding three, seeing a height reduction. Although it was not prominent to start with, this will surely help avoid camera-catching bag opening or packers, allowing your phone to lie flatter. Both the phones will use the same camera sensors and the same depth for their camera bumps. 

Audio- iPhone 13 Pro

According to the last update about iPhone 13 Pro, it has better audio from the front microphone and also enhanced noise cancellation. This will be the result of beam-forming, according to the EAP video. It lets the microphone discover and focus on the desired sound source, like your voice. 

Apple April Event

According to EAP the final details about Apple iPhone 13 launch will be shown at the April product showcase. There will be three presentation rounds for tablets, wearables, and tablets. We hope the new iPhone series will surely give us some surprises.

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