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Now Artificial intelligence (AI) devices can Detect polyps

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Artificial Intelligence is a boon in today’s world. It has made a significant impact in many industries, and the health industry is no exception. According to a report by BMC, it can also detect polyps, which is a small clump that grows inside the body. 

Today, bowel cancer has become one of the major problems. It is causing more than 16,000 deaths annually in the United Kingdom. The reason for bowel cancer development is polyps. Therefore, detecting and removing polyps is one of the best ways to prevent bowel cancer.

What is Polyps?

Polyps are basically abnormal tissue growth that looks like small, tiny bumps or mushroom-like stalks. The most common are colons, but they can also develop in:

  • Nose
  • Uterus
  • Throat
  • Ear Canal
  • Stomach
  • Cervix

There are a few ways by which you can detect Polyps. The best way is colonoscopy. This is a large bowel camera test usually done when someone has bowel symptoms or an NHS bowel cancer screening program. 

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Steps in?

AI plays a vital role in detecting polyps during colonoscopy. However, almost all focus on making bowel lining more visible to the camera. Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence devices will be game-changers in the detection of polyps. It will improve the camera’s ability to see polyps on the bowel lining. Moreover, it will also give other measures that will make bowel lining more visible. 


COLO-DETECT is the first clinical trial in the UK of the first commercially available for GI Genius. Manufactured by Medtronic, this Artificial Intelligence polyp detection device is a box used in routine practice across various hospital settings. This device-detect polyp and has a great impact on colonoscopists, health services, and patients. 

Artificial Intelligence is just starting to get traction in the colonoscopy world. However, there are still several restrictions on endoscopy and research activity due to COVID-19. But bowel cancer and polyps don’t restrict in a pandemic. Therefore, it is important that this research should continue into non-COVID conditions. 

Several studies have proved that the miss rate of adenoma is up to 35% during screening colonoscopy. The use of AI in colonoscopy has been gaining popularity in polyp detection. The aim is to increase the polyp detection rate (PDR) and Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR) to reduce interval cancer symptoms. 

Wrapping the Post

With the advent of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, you could see advancement in every field. When it comes to reducing colorectal cancer deaths, news technologies like AI makes everything possible. The new AI devices can detect Polyps, allowing you to get treatment on time. 

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