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Microsoft wins Army contract of $21B to supply HoloLens AR headsets

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Recently, Microsoft has won a government contract of supplying 120,000 IVAS HoloLens AR headsets to the U.S. Army. The total cost of this contract could be up to $21.99 billion for 10 years. After the big announcement, the shares of Microsoft moved higher. At the end of Wednesday’s trading session, the stock was 1.7% to $235.77/share.  

According to this deal, Microsoft can generate revenue from this futuristic product. This product is developed after years of research besides major areas like productivity software and operating systems. 

In 2018, Microsoft received a $480 million contract to give the Army a prototype of IVAS. According to the new deal, it will involve production versions. The cost of standard-issue HoloLens was $3,500. Moreover, it enables people to see holograms overlaid in real environments and interact using hand gestures.

A CNBC reporter tried an IVAS prototype in 2019. It displayed a map, thermal imaging, and a compass to reveal individuals in the dark. Moreover, the system also shows the weapon aim. 

What is an IVAS?

IVAS is an acronym for the Integrated Visual Augmentation System. It is basically a part of an investment to make military intelligence data useful. It helps soldiers to make quick decisions, especially when they have limited information available. 

The “Tactical Edge” device is also built on cloud computing advancements developed in the commercial world. 

According to a press release published by the U.S Army, the IVAS system would help them to achieve overmatch against current and future adversaries. 

Even in a published blog post by Microsoft and an AR technologist, Alex Kipman shared some views. According to them, the IVAS program will enable information sharing, decision making and enhanced situational awareness. 

The Statement by the U.S. Army

The U.S. The Army said that Microsoft worked closely with them to create the most useful software and devices. These devices will provide soldiers in Close Combat Force with target engagement and improved situational awareness. Moreover, they will help them to make informed decisions.

The Statement by Microsoft

On the other hand, Microsoft said that they appreciate the partnership with the U.S Army. Also, Microsoft thanked them for their trust in transitioning IVAS. Microsoft further added that they are looking forward to building a successful partnership with the U.S. Army Close Combat Force.

How Does the Headset work?

According to a statement by the U.S. Army, the headset allows soldiers to fight, train and rehearse in a system. Microsoft also confirmed that the IVAS headset based on Augmented and HoloLens keep soldiers safe.

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