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New Augmented Reality Tourism App- Now see Panoramic View of Hong Kong’s past

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In today’s tech world, nothing seems impossible. Technology has reached a point when unbelievable is merely a word. Recently, the same happened when a new AR tourism app was designed. This app has stunned everyone as it allows tourists to see panoramic views of Hong Kong’s history. The whole news published at South China Morning Post. So, what’s this AR tourism app is all about. Let’s have a look at it in detail.

The New AR Tourism App- What’s the Buzz?

The City in Time project launched by the Tourism commission features a 360-degree historical panorama of Hong Kong’s past. It is creed from the historical illustration and heritage photo by some Hong Kong’s artists. For instance, a black and white Panorama of the Statue Square location shows the third iteration of HSBC’s headquarters torn down in 1978. Besides this, it also shows 19th-century neoclassical structured names after Queen Victoria. 

This new AR tourism app enables smartphone users to see how Hong Kong looks in the past. The main aim is to support the appeal of the city for visitors once the pandemic is under control. The public can download the app and scab markers installed at desired destinations in the town to see historical sights. Moreover, this AR tourism app also has a selfie function permitting users to share their social media experience. 

Edward Yau Tang-wah, the secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, said this project designed with a goal. It was to promote smart, cultural, and creative tourism in spite of the tourist shortage amid the pandemic. 

He further said that they would continue to strengthen the town’s appeal despite all the travel restrictions. This is just for attracting visitors by showing the distinctive history and culture of the city. 

According to official statistics, only 4,368 people arrived in January, which was 99.9% fewer than last year at the same time. Also, only 5,495 people were arriving in February, which was 97.2% fewer than last year. Also, to enhance local tourism, some operators have even launched virtual products and services like live-streamed tours. 

What is Featuring in The City in Time?

Currently, the AR tourism app features seven areas in Charter Road, Edinburg Place, and six places in Tsim Sha Tsui. It includes the former Kowloon- Canton Railway Clock, Kowloon Park Drive, and the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront Promenade. Also, this project will expand gradually to other locations in the coming time. 

The City in Time project is developed by Jeffery Shaw who is a Yeung Kin Man Chair Professor of Media Art at City University of Hong Kong. He revealed that Hong Kong has transformed over time and predicted it would be a blockbuster. He said that the aim of this project is to provide citizens and tourists both experience and appreciation of the city. This would eventually uplift and enhance the city during and after the pandemic. 

The co-founded Paul Chan Chi of guided tour company Walk stated that Time was an interesting and smart tourism project. It will surely attract users. He also showed visitors how Hong Kong will look like through the virtual live streaming tours. Moreover, he also said that he will make the project shine by adding a commentary session to it. The AR tourism app concept is good as it really attracts tourists to Hong Kong.

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