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CartographR: Augmented Reality Tabletop Terrain Builder

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CartographR is a collaborative AR tabletop RPGs that reinvent how tabletop roleplayers create visual experiences for their players. The app combines 3D graphics with an intuitive user interface to bring life to your gaming world. Moreover, it also empowers you and your players to experience the imagination world in real-time. Designed by co-founders Rivelle and Joanna, this augmented reality app collaborates with the physical world’s virtual world by using drag and drop gestures. CartographR has been designed to make use of free asset packs accessible for computer game developers.

However, the app does not claim to be a replacement for virtual apps but the same you are already doing with your tabletop RPGs. The social AR app for tabletop RPGs, CartographR experiences can be easily shared and saved with other players. Moreover, it empowers everyone to interact with the same screen even if it parts in real-time. You can also use this app with a web view to enjoy a wider screen.

CartographR Features

  • Scan, create and share with drag and drop feature
  • Change the point of view as well as resize your terrain with a press of button.
  • Activate the battle grid
  • Calculate attack rang
  • Realistic Fog of War
  • Character Animations
  • Condition Marker
  • Weather simulation
  • Auto-generated dungeons, caves and terrains.
  • Custom token creator tool and 3D characters

How Does it work?

CartographR allows you to scan real-world settings, scale that to size, calculate attack range and drop in a virtual enemy. The app offers the perception of the first person in the fantasy world. Instead of watching your characters move around the table, CartographR users can look through the characters’ eyes to see what they are seeing. Check the link, to see how this app actually works.

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Price of CartographR

The app comes in two versions- paid and free. The free version gives you unlimited access to the public map, letting you create six of your own with only 30 assets. However, those six will expire if you do not use them. On the flip side, when it comes to paid versions. It will cost you $5 per month. The paid version gives you an unlimited number of maps that never expire.

Also, you will get 100 assets on each. You can also purchase $10 and get back beta access along with suggested features. If you raise it to $25, you will get alpha access and 2 asset packs. The app also offers higher tiers such as early bird “All-inclusive” at $108 and launch assets like leather journal with AR Image, CartographR d20 and CartographR d20.

All you need is a tablet or a phone, dice, and a character sheet and you are ready to play the game. CartographR develops next-gen technology for the laptop gaming industry. This app uses AR technology to reinvent the roleplay gamers create to visualize. At Arify.news, we ensure to keep you updated with the latest news and trends.

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