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Cameraless Eye-tracking sensors for VR/AR by AdHawk Microsystems

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the popular terms these days. With technology development, they both relate to each other to some extent. From VR headsets to AR apps and games, you can find many examples where these technologies rank high. AdHawk Microsystems, an eye-tracking technology innovator, recently launched cameraless eye-tracking sensors for VR/AR.

These sensors are amazingly designed using MindLink technology. Also, it uses tiny chips like microelectromechanical systems to handle mechanical functions. In an interview with GamesBeat, CEO Neil Sarkar said that the technology used in these eye-tracking sensors makes it light wearable, easy to integrate with VR headsets and AR glasses. 

However, these glasses are available for presale and can be worn all day long. It is more power-efficient, lighter, and faster while delivering medical grade, highly accurate data. The main idea behind these sensors is to unlock the link between the brain, eyes, and world around us. This is quite essential because high-quality data enables researchers to study various conditions. These conditions are epilepsy, early indications, cognitive load, anxiety, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

How Does the Cameraless Eye-tracking Sensor work?

No rocket science! In fact, the working of the cameraless eye-tracking sensor is pretty straightforward. The ultra-compact MEMS replaces the camera, which ultimately eliminates power-hungry image processing. Moreover, it also improves energy-efficiency and speeds more than twice its competitors. When a patient wears these sensors, they have to launch the app by tapping “start tracking.” The speedy system accurately predicts where the user will look next up to 20 mm before their eyes fixate. It also captures gaze 500 times every second with more than one degree of accuracy. 

Besides this, Sarkar also stated that when the beam hits the eye, it reflects onto the photo detector. Then they will receive pulses from corneal glints similar to the reflections of the cornea surface. But sometimes they receive pulses when the beam crosses the threshold between the pupil and iris of the wearer. It allows them to measure your pupil and cornea thousands of times every second with the sensor. 

Also, in order to increase precision and speed, MindLink offers great flexibility as it is not limited by heavy equipment used in a lab environment. This means that researchers and physicians can conduct eye-tracking assessments in more settings. These settings include the patient’s home, doctor’s office or in the field. You can see a micro mirror under a microscope when you see a video. It scans a light beam around in 2 axes. 

Wrapping the post

The new eye-tracking glasses by AdHawk’s is easy to wear. They work perfectly to the eye movements, head movements and pupil size. Moreover, it uses an integrated inertial measurement unit sensor as well. The kits are expected to ship within 6 to 8 weeks of the presale closing date. 

Arify.News – MindLink Video

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