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What’s the Pikmin Augmented Reality (AR) App all about?

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Ingress and Pokemon Go developer Niantic partnering with Nintendo Co., Ltd to develop a new app. This app will combine real-world AR technology with the stable characters of Nintendo. In fact, the first augmented reality game coming up with their partner will be based on Pikmin. 

Nintendo said that this game would ‘encourage walking and make it more enjoyable in a recent news release. Moreover, this app will launch in 2021 and be developed by Niantic’s Tokyo studio. 

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, said that they would continue to grow their games portfolio. This game was a natural step to partnering with Nintendo. He further said that the company is looking forward to shaping the AR future. The game brings Nintendo’s characters to life for mobile gamers worldwide.  

What’s the New Pikmin Franchise’s AR App all about?

The new AR reality app by Pikmin Franchise is to get a new AR reality app soon this year. Basically, Pikmin is a series of strategy and puzzle games in which the player controls plant-like creatures. Moreover, it is available on Nintendo consoles like Nintendo Switch. 

The name of this new AR game is still unknown. According to the source, it would be quite similar to Pokemon Go. In this gameplay, players will find activities, encourage walking. The app will be developed by the Tokyo studio of Niantic and officially released in 2021. 

The Pikmin franchise will celebrate the 20th anniversary this year. However, Nintendo released Pikmin 3 again, which is a Wii U game. With the launch of Pokemon Go in 2016, Niantic experienced a huge success. It was built upon the Ingress AR game platform of the company. 

Other Mobile Games

Besides this, the company also launched a new Augmented Reality game based on Harry Potter IP known as Harry Potter: Wizard Unite. Moreover, the company is co-developing or developing titles based on Pokemon Sleep and the Catan board games. 

In recent years, Nintendo experimented with mobile games with different success levels. The company’s mobile slate includes Dr. Mario World, Dragalia Lost, Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. 

Final Take

The new AR-based game by Pikmin AR game is definitely a game-changer. There are only some details about the Pikmin AR game. But one this is definite, it will make walking more enjoyable. Niantic is also permitting people to sign-up for more information on the titles. The company says it will reveal more features in the coming time. 

 Kei Kawai, VP of Product Management, said that they are excited to continue this partnership. Also, they pursue their mission of inspiring people to explore the real world using Augmented Reality. 

 If you are looking for more Augmented Reality news, stay tuned to Arify.News. We bring the latest news as soon as it hits the shelves. 


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