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New AirPods Ads by Apple Going Viral on TikTok!

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Let’s face it- the waves of TikTok have somehow touched our lives, directly or indirectly. Today, this video-sharing social networking service is not only make fun videos, but many big brands like Apple are using it for advertising purposes.

In fact, recently, the most popular tech brand ‘Apple’ also understood the effectiveness of TikTok. It runs the latest AirPods Pro ad campaign all over TikTok, which grabs the attention of many Apple enthusiasts’. The AirPods Pro “JUMP” ad is turning into an interactive campaign on TikTok. Let’s read more details about the new+ viral AirPods ad campaign.

What is the Buzz about Apple Ads?

A few days back, Apple introduces a new AirPods App known as “JUMP.” This ad features an individual running through the town streets, dancing, and jumping rope. The ad’s main purpose was to show how the Airpods can turn the world into a playground. Moreover, it also promotes noise cancellation. The new ad campaign “JUMP” on TikTok has teamed up with popular creators to promote AirPods Pro. 

Check the video here

Although Apple has an official account on TikTok, it is not very active in running advertising campaigns. This new campaign called JUMP focused on AirPods Pro is quite unique. In this ad campaign, Apple is encouraging other TikTok users to create their own videos and get involved in the campaign. There are six videos posted on the official TikTok account of Apple with different creators as part of this new campaign. The common hashtags #jump #airpodspro displays the same theme used in the official AirPod Pro ads.

The videos highlight AirPods Pro, jumping rope, along with a variety of TikTok trends and effects. Moreover, the campaign is all set to the song Fallin Apart by Pell and Denzel Curry by Young Franco.

The song and #AirPodsJUMP hashtags are already viral on TikTok, and users are joining this challenge. Even some users are also using this hashtag in their video descriptions to game the algorithm, giving promotion to Apple.

Wrapping the Post

As we all know how quickly any quirky trend gets viral on social media platforms. In fact, this jump campaign from Apple is doing the same thing at a much faster pace. People worldwide join the campaign and upload creative videos with high enthusiasm alongside increasing the fun levels.

Well, in the end, for further updates, we have to wait until next month to see the real storm for the new AirPods pro. Till then, let’s enjoy this JUMP campaign.

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