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Home Tech Apple WatchOS 7.4: Now unlock iPhones with Face Masks on

WatchOS 7.4: Now unlock iPhones with Face Masks on

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Good news for Apple watches lovers! Apple released the latest third beta version of watchOS 7.4. It is perfect for those looking to unlock their iPhones with Face ID without removing their masks.

Moreover, it will also make AirPlay 2 compatible with Apple’s new Fitness Plus workout service. The launch date of this new watch is not yet revealed. But the public beta of WatchOS 7.4 provides us a glimpse of all the latest features expected to arrive on the watch soon. Apple revealed how the latest features would work with a straightforward process.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, the process is straightforward and simple. 

  1. Firstly, while wearing your Apple watch, try to unlock your iPhone with a Face ID.
  2. If you are wearing a mask, your iPhone will detect it and turn to the watch to unlock your phone. 
  3. When you are wearing your watch and not locked, your iPhone will automatically unlock without entering your passcode.

In order to activate the feature, both iPhone and Apple Watch need to run the current version. However, make sure it must be password-protected. Under the face ID and passcode, you can Toggle the feature on the iPhone in the setting. But make sure your Apple Watch is unlocked, and you are wearing it. Also, you need to type in your password in the first try and after this, swipe up to unlock the Face ID and iPhone. The watch will ultimately give you haptic feedback and an alert to inform you that your iPhone has been unlocked.

Cast Fitness Plus on Airplay 2 devices

If you own an Apple Watch and try the new Fitness Plus service, you will discover more workout ways. You can easily cast the Apple Watch workout service on TV with AirPlay 2 or on any device. However, during the launch, the service was only available to view on iPad, iPhone, or the latest Apple TV version.

You will, however, need to choose a workout in the Fitness Plus app on your iPad or iPhone. Then you have two options to cast to a device. You can press the casting icon in the screen’s power right-hand corner or choose screen mirroring in the quick setting. The Apple Watch has many features found in iOS 14.5. It includes the option to change default music and the 217 new emoji. Apple also released updates for TVOS and iPadOS.

Undoubtedly, this new Apple watchOS 7.4 will be a game changer. One limitation is that when streamed Airplay, Airlive Apple Watch metrics like heart rate do not show up on the screen. Although by opening the app on the Apple watch, developers can update Apple watch to watchOS 7.4 beta 2. The Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone also enables you to install the update. The current update is 18T5159f. 

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