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Facebook Reveals Three AR products in future!

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Facebook, as we all know, has become a common part of our lives. This social network has changed how people communicate. In simple terms, it has blended digital life with the physical world. Recently, the social network showed off its three Augmented Reality based products. These are AR glasses, a neural wristband, and haptic gloves. These are the products Facebook sees in its future.

The wrist-based technology can sense your neural signals as well as track your intentions without any movements. It is just like a band giving you force powers like Star Wars.

Tanya Jonker, Facebook’s research science manager, describes how it works by cooking a zucchini herb omelet with her friend. Right now, to set a time on a smartphone, people might have to interrupt a conversation. In the future, Augmented Reality (AR) enables people to complete the task just by moving a finger.

She added that the most exciting part of AR technology is to help people stay engaged in the real world while interacting with digital devices. The following are the AR products that Facebook may soon introduce.

AR Glasses

Although Facebook has been working on AR glasses plans for years, it is still questionable in terms of privacy. Groups such as the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), show off their privacy concerns about it.

A Wristband to sense Neural Signals

Neural Input Tech Company CTRL Labs is known for developing an armband to sense neural signals. In 2019, Facebook acquired this company and planned for a band equipped with wrist-based technology. This wristband can sense motor neurons. Moreover, it can convert finger motions, even small shifts, and squeezes into action to animate virtual hands. However, Facebook has already shown the aspects of neural input tech earlier and demos how finger typing on a desk could work. In a recent podcast on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed the idea of extra virtual hands. In fact, the Reality Labs team of Facebook also invokes this mind-boggling idea.

Wrist squeezes, haptic emoji

Nicholas Colonnese, Facebook Reality Labs Manager for Research Science, revealed Facebook’s haptic, vibrational feedback. He said that Facebook has been exploring wearable for 4 years. Dozen prototypes in the Reality Labs research division hint regarding the feedback work into a future band. One would be an inflatable wrist-cuff known as Bellowband, which has 8 blood pressure cuff-like inflatable zones that squeezes the wrist.

Another Tasbi band that vibrates and squeezes. The demo video by Facebook shows people wearing a band on each wrist and playing tennis and archery virtually. The bands can deliver haptic feedback that feels realistic to make floating things feel tactile. Moreover, Facebook also stated that this tech works amazingly even without wearing anything on fingertips through a cognitive phenomenon known as sensory substitution.

We hope that these three AR products by Facebook would definitely be a game-changer for the modern world. However, this is not the first time any company unveils such technology. Earlier Apple also introduced AR Glasses and Mudra Band senses gestures through an Apple Watch band.

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