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AR Hearing Aid- The Next Big Thing!

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Augmented Reality (AR) can offer much more than we could ever imagine. Bringing the real world in virtual form is something we haven’t even thought about a few years back. In AR, the concept is to enhance the augmented reality experience. From eyeglasses to hearing aids, today this technology is everywhere.

In simple terms, augment is to make something better. When it comes to eyeglasses, optical lenses help to boost eyesight. This is a blend of science and technology. The same goes for hearing aid as well.

Although eyeglasses’ concept is not new, with computer technology, you can fine-tune the optical accuracy. On the other hand, hearing aids were introduced a long while ago. But with the advent of technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality are creating smart hearing aids. These aids allow you to isolate others’ voices in a noisy area while filtering out other voices. Based on user surroundings, they can adjust amplification and make a person easy to hear.

Smart Noise Cancellation Hearing Aids

If you are looking for smart noise cancellation hearing aids, there are a couple of choices available.

  • Nuheara, IQbuds Max

One of the best hearing buds with elements of AR is Nuheara, IQbuds Max. These are quite powerful in blocking noise, focus on sound’s direction and elevate the conversation. Also, they offer an excellent noise cancellation feature. 

  • Starkey

Starkey introduced Artificial Intelligence to enable smart hearing aids. The hearing aid by Starkey is quite effective to filter out extra sounds and also boosts speech. In fact its new model Livio Edge AI comes with a companion smartphone app. This app offers translation and speech transcription into 27 languages. Moreover, it also performs fall detection, brain tracking, and body tracking. 

Hearing Aids for Everyone

Olive Smart Ear

When it comes to hearing aids, flesh colored devices do not look too cool on elderly. If you are looking for hearing aids that look cool on all ages, try Olive Smart Ear. This Apple white, small ear device can set up through an app-driven hearing test. It will tune the device in order to quirks of your hearing.

The Nuheara IQBuds2 Max

Another name in hearing aids for everyone is Nuheara IQBuds2 Max. It will tune itself to your ears using the NAL NL2 test procedure app based version used by audiologists. Moreover, it helps in improving speed intelligibility, and also smooth the loudness nearby. It consists of an algorithm and directional microphones known as Speech in Noise Control (SINC). This helps in creating listening focus.

Experience AR Listening

Gone are the days when AR was only visual, today, you can find smart hearable making grand entry in the market. In the world of technology, the smart hearables are known for music playback, basic noise cancellation, as well as call handling. Undoubtedly, AR in hearing aids can be a head-turner.

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