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Play Pac-Man on Pizza Hut’s New Box with Augmented Reality

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Good news for maze arcade game Pac-man lovers. Now you can play it on Pizza Hut’s New box! Excited? Recently Pac-man officially collaborated with Pizza Hut’s latest limited-edition playable Pac-Man box. The entire concept is followed by Augmented reality. So, to play the game, you just have to order a larger pizza and then scan the QR code on the box and start playing.

Moreover, the best aspect is – No app needed! As a part of a new nostalgia-driven campaign, the ad campaign features Craig Robinson. With web-based technology, Pizza hut has transformed pizza boxers into a virtual Pac-man game. It means now you can play Pac-man on the cardboard pizza box.

Pac-Man on Pizza Hut’s New Box- How will you get it?

Of course, this is something unusual that is worth exploring. If you want this Augmented Reality (AR) pizza Hut box, you need to follow specific steps. Firstly, order a huge Tastemaker from the Pizza Hut chain between March 15 to 26th. You will receive the limited -edition box with a QR Code that takes you to Pizza Hut Arcade’s website. 

When you see the website from your Android or iOS device, you can focus your camera on the Pac-Man maze. It will allow you to play virtual arcade games without any hassle. Besides this, the Pizza Hut chain also gives a chance to win the Arcade1Up Pac-Man game cabinet. You just need to share your scores on Twitter to enter the sweepstakes. Just use hashtags #sweepstakes and #PizzaHutArcade and get a chance to win the cabinet. An announcement of the winner will be made on April 3.

Design and Creation

The design and creation of the Pac Man box were inspired by the pizza shape with a slice cut from it. This makes the partnership of both brands quite appropriate. According to the head of licensing and branding at Bandai Namco, Yutaka Fuse, “Both Pac-Man games and Pizza Hut pizzas have a special place in the memories of people. We are excited to have an opportunity to create new and fun memories for a new generation through this collaboration.”

8th Wall- The secret Behind this AR experience

8th Wall platform is the secret of this seamless experience. It enables consumers to navigate to a site through their mobile phones. Besides this, in its Image Targets feature, it brings Pizza party that turns the maze of Pac-Man on the box into an Augmented Reality Marker.

Final Words

However, this is not the first time, Pizza Hut has come up like this. In fact, earlier too the Pizza brand embedded an AR bean bag toss into its NFL promotion packaging.

Augmented Reality has become a need of the hour. If you are looking for more latest news and updates of AR industry, visit Arify.news


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