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Now Entertain your Kids with ARLOOPA’s Augmented Reality

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Covid-19 has a big impact on everyone’s life, and kids are no exceptions. With school going remote, playgrounds being closed, keeping children engaged has become a significant challenge.

Although YouTube is a great option, it does not offer a rich entertainment world for growing minds. Luckily, Augmented Reality (AR) apps are here to entertain kids.

Not to mention, these AR apps offer an ideal way to surprise, entertain, and teach kids. It makes your kids engaged and entertained, giving them the experience of the reality and fantasy worlds together. Compatible for both Android and iOS, it is the best example of AR apps.

If you are looking for a perfect AR App that offers some true magic, ARLOOPA has got you covered! So, let us have a look at its features.

ARLOOPA APP: Entertaining Kid-friendly App

 Arloopa is a free kid-friendly AR app that keeps you entertained and curious.

Moreover, this versatile app includes a 3D models gallery with various amazing categories.

These include Cars, Technology, Animals, Spacecrafts and more. Besides the entertaining part, the ARLOOPA AR app also offers an educational experience to kids. It places a realistic 3D object like SpaceX Dragon in the kids’ room, enabling them to examine it closely from all sides.


  • Understanding 3D planets

If you want to teach your kids about space, the app allows you to use 3D planets. Likewise, it gives a clear picture to your kids about planets. Moreover, they will be more engaged to learn more about space and how the whole concept works.

  • Get AR Zoo Experience

Another feature you will get in the app is getting a fantasy zoo experience to any ordinary park. Just go to the animal section and transform any park into an amazing zoo with the ARLOOPA app. Choose 3D animals from the app and combine them in a single view. Now click pictures and videos with them and share it on social media.

  • Traveling Experience from Home

ARLOPPA app also allows you to travel to any part of the world from home with AR Portals. This feature is the same as a virtual door into a 360 or 3D environment. You can access them via the “Virtual Tours” section of the app. All you need to do is point your phone at the ground and see if a virtual door will pop up. Now walk and enter into the door to enjoy any museum, city, or place with 3D or 360 views.

  • Fight with Superheroes

This is a dream that comes true for many children. In the ARLOOPA app, your kids can find many popular soldiers and superheroes. Using your phone app, you can place them and create imaginary scenes with your kids. In fact, your kids will be the main hero for the show, fighting and defeating superheroes.

  • AR Treasure Hunting

Also, for extra fun, the app allows you to create a treasure hunt game. You can virtually hide something around or in your house, letting your kids search for it. In fact, you can hide any 3D object or a photo at any place. In addition, ARLOOPA app enables kids to find the object with its magnifying glass.

Wrapping Up

ARLOOPA Inc is a leading augmented reality and virtual reality game and app development company. Whether you are seeking cloud-based AR services, 2D, 3D content creation and more, the company provides all. Also, with image recognition, augmented reality, and computer vision technology, the app offers real-life experiences on a virtual screen.


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