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Apple AR Glasses specs: Featuring Self-cleaning and 3D audio?

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Apple, the world’s largest AR platform with millions of AR-enabled devices as apps on the App store. The tech giant is working hard to make Augmented Reality a part of our lives. In 2020, Apple Insider talks about the “Apple Glass.” According to which the future of wearables will be Augmented Reality.

In 2021, there are again plenty of rumors of an upcoming Apple VR headset. Recently, Apple Insider published a post according to which Apple is soon going to advance”Apple Glass.”

The new glass may seem like normal glasses but actually is not. Equipped with Augmented Reality, Apple glass has amazing features that may leave anyone stunned. So, what are the new features we are talking about?

What is the Buzz?

Arify.News – (C) Appleinsider

A newly-revealed patent app shows the new AR-based glasses can clean themselves automatically.

Besides self-cleaning functionality, the rumored AR wearable can be equipped with radar-like sound as well.

According to AppleInsider, Apple recently applied for a patent describing audio-based feedback for a head-mountable device. So, it suggests that Apple is working on AR glasses to detect sounds and inform users.

Patent Application By Particle Control for Head Mountable Device

Particle Control for Head-Mountable devices discusses how a device can remove debris or dust itself. From Apple’s perspective, it refers to ‘optical modules.’ Optical module view quality relies on the optical pathway clarity between the user’s eye and the source image.

For example, particles with optical pathways can distort, obstruct, or negatively affect users’ views.

A previous patent, however, states that the glasses may have realistic sound effects. These effects can complement digital imagery and have 3D audio sounds. Moreover, these apps suggest that Apple is working on increasing audio capabilities in the new AR glasses.

On the other hand, Apple’s new patent indicates that Apple is introducing more futuristic features- self-cleaning opticals. Known as ‘Particle Control for Head Mountable Device,’ the patent hints that the device could automatically clean itself. As mentioned above, Apple termed these new AR glasses as “Optical Modules,”

However, these glasses may suffer from the wear and tear of life. It could be due to erosion or discoloration of the essential components. Therefore, AR wearables that can withstand the test of time would be a welcome stride into the future.

Launch Date

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple Glass is coming at the earliest of 2023. But as per the most trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it won’t be ready to ship until 2022. However, a presentation leaked the information of the launch date as 2023.

A reputable Apple leaker, Jon Prosser, says that Apple Glasses could come sooner. He believes that in the mid of March-June 2021, Apple Glass will be launched.

Final Words

Again, there are fewer details about how Apple Glass would do it. But according to the patent, any device that uses vibration to remove dirt independently can do it. Although there has been several rumors about Apple Glass- from microchips to LiDar sensors. Only the launch will clarify what is new in the new AR Apple Glass.

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