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AR Contact Lens Startup Develops Apps to Help People with Low vision

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Augmented reality (AR) is getting bigger day by day. Thanks to the AR-ready devices that are more accessible today. Augmented reality allows us to see the real world around us. In fact, it has changed the way we used to live our lives. With so many AR devices available, companies are working hard to make them a part of our lives.

Mojo Vision recently collaborated with Japan’s first and largest contact lens manufacturer Menicon. This agreement was based on assistive sight-enhancement for visual impairments. In 2020, Mojo Vision also introduced an early prototype of contact lenses. These contact lenses contain everything, ranging from wireless radio, image sensor to display motion senses.

In fact, these lenses are used in-built microelectronics and the thickest microdisplay. By wearing these lenses, users can see the world differently.

The best aspect is all these are safe and easily fit into the eyes.

The Commercial Release

The senior vice president of Mojo Vision’s product and marketing, Steve Sinclair also says something in this regard. He says that the engineers are ‘Charging hard on the development.’

According to a report by Spectrum IEEE, last year, the company signed an agreement with  Japanese Menicon. This agreement was to fine-tune the coatings and materials of the lens itself.

The commercial release of the AR contact lenses is still a few years out. It just requires FDA approval as a medical device. While Sinclair says, the company continued to expect that its AR contacts’ earliest adopters would be the visually impaired.

Therefore, they designed the product keeping them into mind.

The Major Issue with Vision Impairment

Mojo Visions’s Vice President, Ashley Tuyan, has a personal interest in technology. She has a Ph.D. in vision science and also studied Biology. She says that people with low vision can’t find details as their photoreceptors have died. Although magnification can solve this issue, people can’t carry it everytime.

Another issue with contrast sensitivity is to sense the light grey. This can restrict them from experiencing an unfamiliar and unsafe environment.

Some studies even say that a slight contrast sensitivity reduction restricts people from going outside.

AR Contact Lens Apps

Mojo Vision is developing some apps to address these issues. In fact Tuan says that this technology will make enhancing contrast easy. She added, as they are projecting an image onto the retina, it is easy to increase the image contrast.

The edge detection will be one step ahead contract enhancement. It highlights the object edges with light. In the coming years, Tuan expects that technology will evolve. It will adjust according to the street signs, facial expressions or someone talking to the wearer.

The development team of Mojo Visions are trying to take these ideas for an app. They want to turn these ideas into something that they think will be useful for early adopters. For that, they switched to Corporate Partners Programs of  Palo Alto Vista Centers

David Hobbs, the director of Mojo Vision’s product management explained the process precisely. He says that the process starts to find more about the issue the latest technology can solve.

While the development continues, we hope the new AR reality contact lens apps will soon hit the shelves.

Keep yourself informed and updated with the current happening in the AR world at Arify.news. Stay tuned to know more.


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