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Are Apple Magnetic Batteries Making Way Soon?

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With the MagSafe introduction on the iPhone 12 series, Apple welcomes a number of magnetic accessories. One of the major accessories is the MagSafe battery.

Apple, undoubtedly established itself as a global brand in the consumer market. Moreover, in terms of functionality and quality products, it stands on the top of all. 

According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple is working on a ‘Magnetic Battery Pack’ for new Apple phones. 

This amazing wireless battery pack is powerful enough to charge the iPhone. The company is working hard on this device for a long time and it might launch these batteries soon.

No need to find an outlet or bulky battery case, the new battery pack is lightweight and attached to your iPhone back easily. 

The MagSafe system has also been seen in Apple’s charging accessories such as wallets and cases. 

Apple’s MagSafe System

All of the iPhone 12 models come with ring magnets into the back around the wireless charging coil. This also adheres to MagSafe-based accessories such as chargers and cases. 

MagSafe system basically refers to magnet-based accessories designed for MacBook. However, today, it can be found in iPhones rather than MacBooks. 

Bloomberg also reported that MagSafe could charge the device and even stay in place due to the magnetic strength. In internal testing, the magnetic feature has proven powerful enough to remain attached to the phones. However, Apple has also come across some software-related issues. One of the major issues is – iPhones inaccurately saying that the battery is overheating. 

The Problem

Apple has been working on magnetic batteries to charge iPhones for more than a year. However, now, they can’t delay it further or scrap it together just because developers have faced some issues. The company reported that they confronted some glitches while using the magnetic battery with or without the case.

In fact, when the new Apple magnetic batteries hit shelves; it could support Apple’s wearable and accessories business. So far, Apple released MagSafe accessories such as leather wallets, cases, and chargers, including the MagSafe Duo charger. 

Arify.News - Are Apple Magnetic Batteries Making Way Soon?
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Bloomberg report also stated that Apple was looking to create an ecosystem where its devices support reverse charging. Although this feature would come in the iPhone 12 series, later on, it was canceled.

In the coming future, there is the possibility that some of the brand’s rivals may offer new functionality. Besides iPhone, MagSafe technology will feature other products, such as redesigning Apple’s MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros. 

While it may look like the battery pack accessory will see success, Bloomberg resources has positive reports all through. So, if you are looking for new batteries for your iPhone 12 series, these are far better options to consider. 

Wrapping up the post

With that in mind, the sources also said that they cannot say if it still makes its way to the market. So, those who are looking to get this battery should have a MagSafe attachment for their phone.  

Moreover, we have seen published patents that show Apple is busy exploiting new possibilities. Even Steve Mosertweeted that Apple portable magnetic batteries will have iOS 14.5 software update. The cost of Magnetic batteries is unclear to date. Apple is known for its MagSafe chargers, designer cases, and wallet attachments. In fact, these new Apple Magnetic batteries are going to be a game changer. 

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