NEW Samsung AR Glasses – Video Leaked


Samsung, a popular South Korean Multinational Company, is known for its innovative and amazing products. The brand ensures to keep itself ahead in the fast-paced world of technology and innovation. In fact, when it comes to experimenting with Augmented Reality, it is in head-to-head competition. Recently Samsung comes up with an extraordinary concept. It is the imagination of how videos look with AR glasses.

Two videos By Samsung creating a buzz

WakingCat, a stable source of gadget leaks, has lately published two amazing videos. These videos present some fun things you could do with ‘Samsung Glasses Lite.’ When it comes to execution and expectations, the videos seem more realistic. The glasses are quite larger than ordinary spectacles but smaller than any other AR glasses. The glasses input come from a keyboard, a drone remote, a smartphone, and a smartwatch.

Arify.News - NEW Samsung AR Glasses - Video Leaked
Arify.News – NEW Samsung AR Glasses (C) Twitter@WalkingCat

In the first video, you can see the fun things you can do. You can pair these glasses with a giant virtual screen to play games, or an enormous virtual computer monitor. And here the fun begins! These glasses allow you to act as the first-person view screen for your DJI drone along with telemetry.

In the second video, you can see the same concept. But this time users can see 3D digital objects appearing in the real world. The concept is the same as Microsoft’s HoloLens Marketing.

In fact, here, you will get a small field of view with AR glasses in the lasers, waveguides, and micromirror combinations. If you stand next to a virtual computer monitor, you would be able to see part of it. However, others would be completely out of your field of view.

These AR glasses may be new but provide the same experience as Samsung DeX’s desktop. It can raise the better chances of being implemented soon because of that.

In a nutshell, these videos show how Samsung is imagining using smartwatches to navigate the interfaces. Apple’s smartwatch and AR headset are in the development phase. On the flip side, the hardware division of Facebook makes AR glasses working on the smartwatch.

Revolution of Samsung AR Glasses

The Samsung Glasses Lite would aim at daily users, allowing them to video chat, watch movies and get the work accomplished without a big conventional display need. The sunglasses mode would be used to tint when you are keenly interested in protecting your eyes compared to interacting with virtual screens. This ‘Next Wearable Computing’ video also explained how the new AR glasses could help you while working. Let’s hope this new wearable technology by Samsung will soon hit the market, and we enjoy the world of Augmented Reality.

NEW Samsung AR Glasses – Video Leaked

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